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Tshirt en coton bio YOLO

YOLO Tshirt

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✔️ Enjoy guilt-free pleasure with our no-sugar formula
✔️ Perfect for those managing their Diabetes
✔️ Savor the taste without the extra calories

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Produced in a limited series in the heart of the Dansaert district, the epicentre of Brussels fashion, the YOLO t-shirt is made entirely of organic cotton.

Its carbon footprint is neutral because it is produced through the use of energy from solar panels!

Its perfect fit and clean design will appeal to both beer lovers and fashion fans.

Show your personality and propagate the YOLO philosophy in a sober and relaxed way, thanks to this garment, printed with eco-friendly textile ink.

Find out why our customers love YOLO

Fewer Calories, More Flavour

Enjoy a beer with half the calories, perfect for those who want to stay in shape without sacrificing taste.

The Perfect Beer for Diabetics

Enjoy sugar-free YOLO Blond, ideal for diabetics and health-conscious people.

The Intelligent Choice for Your Health

😊 No Sugar for Diabetics
🌿 Natural Ingredients
🍻 Authentic Flavor
🌍 Environmental Respect
🎉 Craft Brewing

For Special Moments

Discover a revolutionary beer that combines tradition and technology for unique pleasure

A Natural Delight

Enjoy a beer made with 100% natural ingredients, for a healthy and authentic experience. Delicious with fresh pasta, meat and homemade pizzas.

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