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Tote bag YOLO en coton bio imprimé en Belgique

Tote Bag YOLO

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✔️ Enjoy guilt-free pleasure with our no-sugar formula
✔️ Perfect for those managing their Diabetes
✔️ Savor the taste without the extra calories

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Produced in the heart of the Dansaert district, symbol of Brussels creativity, the YOLO tote bag is both practical and ecological.

It is printed with eco-friendly ink and its 100% recycled cotton weighs 300 g, which gives it a high-quality look.

An essential accessory to transport your YOLO bottles in style!

Find out why our customers love YOLO

Fewer Calories, More Flavour

Enjoy a beer with half the calories, perfect for those who want to stay in shape without sacrificing taste.

The Perfect Beer for Diabetics

Enjoy sugar-free YOLO Blond, ideal for diabetics and health-conscious people.

The Intelligent Choice for Your Health

😊 No Sugar for Diabetics
🌿 Natural Ingredients
🍻 Authentic Flavor
🌍 Environmental Respect
🎉 Craft Brewing

For Special Moments

Discover a revolutionary beer that combines tradition and technology for unique pleasure

A Natural Delight

Enjoy a beer made with 100% natural ingredients, for a healthy and authentic experience. Delicious with fresh pasta, meat and homemade pizzas.

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