Benefits of beer: 10 facts proven by science

La bière possède de nombreuses vertus, souvent ignorées. Consommée avec modération, la bière aurait des effets positifs sur notre santé. Explication.

Contrairement aux idées reçues, mode de vie sain et consommation de bière peuvent parfaitement cohabiter. Dans l’imaginaire collectif, la bière est souvent associée à tort à la « bedaine à bière », comme l’affirme la zythologue Mirella Amato.

However, beer is a natural beverage that is rich in nutrients, contains no fat and is generally low in sugar.

Ainsi, une bouteille de 33cl de bière fournit jusqu’à 10% des apports nutritionnels conseillés par les nutritionnistes : niacine, vitamine B6, acide folique, magnésium, phosphore, chrome et sélénium.

Zoom in on the benefits of this centuries-old beverage already tasted by the pharaohs of Egypt and which, alongside water, tea and coffee, is one of the most consumed drinks in the world.

1. La bière favorise la digestion

Barley in beer provides vitamin B and is high in fiber. These fibers stimulate intestinal transit and help lower cholesterol levels.

2. La bière est bonne pour le cœur

The yeast and alcohol in beer produce good cholesterol and eliminate bad cholesterol. According to a scientific study, this would reduce the risk of a cardiovascular accident by 30 to 60%.

3. La bière rend beau !

The yeast present in beer contains many vitamins that promote the creation of keratin, a protein that promotes hair growth, strengthens the nails and acts positively on the epidermis. This is why many food supplements are composed of brewer's yeast packaged in powder or capsule.

4. La bière est bonne pour le moral

The hops used in brewing beer contain lupulin. This yellowish substance is calming and helps fight stress and depression. It would also make it easier to fall asleep, which is why in the old days, pillows were filled with hops flowers.

5. La bière est bonne pour les muscles

Hops also have inflammatory properties that help prevent muscle stiffness. This is why many athletes enjoy a beer after their training. Researchers at Tufts University in the United States have shown a positive link between moderate beer consumption and high bone density.

6. La bière ne fait pas grossir

Les fibres présentent dans la bière participent à créer un sentiment de satiété et diminuent donc l’appétit. En ce sens, la bière est un excellent coupe-faim naturel. A quantité égale, la bière est aussi deux fois moins calorique que le vin et cinq fois moins calorique qu’un cocktail. Certaines bières contiennent très peu de sucre et ont été mises au point pour préserver votre ligne, comme la bière YOLO.

7. La bière est bonne pour la mémoire

A finnish study reported by the Research Society on Alcoholism tends to show that beer protects the brain against Alzheimer's disease thanks to the silicon it contains. Another study carried out by the University of Alcala in Spain comes to the same conclusions.

8. La bière réduit le risque de diabète

A lot of research, including one from the famous Harvard University, shows that beer can reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes by 30% thanks to the ethanol it contains. 

9. La bière est bonne pour les reins

Since beer is made up of over 90% water, its consumption helps to drain the kidneys. In addition, a molecule found in hops promotes the elimination of calcium deposits. Dr Tero Hirvonen of the National Public Health Institute of Helsinki conducted a study of 27,000 men and concluded that drinking one or two glasses of beer a day reduced the risk of kidney stones by 40%.

10. La bière aide à lutter contre la ménopause

Le houblon contient un composé qui a une influence sur les œstrogènes. Des études ont ainsi démontré que le houblon contenu dans la bière réduit légèrement les symptômes de la ménopause, principalement les bouffées de chaleur.

If the benefits described above have all been validated by scientific researchers, it should still be remembered that the majority of these virtues disappear as soon as the consumption of beer becomes excessive. Also, beer should not be consumed as a dietary supplement in order to have a positive effect on our body or our health. On the other hand, tasted in moderation, beer will bring unparalleled pleasure to those who consume it, while preserving their body.

By Jerome Stefanski

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